CETA is a program of free psychological assistance, which is effectively used by specialists all over the world to work with traumatic experiences: USA, Iraq, Burma, Thailand, Zambia, Ethiopia. For Ukraine, the program was adapted by specialists of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and has been implemented since 2015. This program will be useful for those who notice the consequences of experiencing stress, for example:

  • quarrels and misunderstandings in the family
  • problems with sleep and health that arose after the experienced events
  • feeling of uselessness, loneliness
  • the desire to return to war or the fear that war will come to where one is
  • unique memories of experiences
  • uncontrolled aggression
  • the feeling that there are only enemies around
  • a painful reaction to the indifference of society
  • indifference to everything that happens; immersion in one’s own thoughts and experiences
  • lack of hope and joy, a constant feeling of anxiety
  • inability to plan the future; fear of the future and uncertainty
  • difficulties with finding oneself and organizing one’s own life after the experience
  • unwillingness to do anything (even take care of yourself, home, etc.).

Participation in the program is voluntary and anonymous.