Trucks to the frontlines

Trucks are essential to winning the war. The Armed Forces of Ukraine need cars all the time.

As the full-scale invasion was just starting, our sister-in-arms called us, saying: “Girls, a crucial thing right now is SUVs and pickup trucks, ‘cause things are tougher than in Chechnya.” From there on out, cars for the Armed Forces are a priority of ours.

The problem is that after a direct artillery strike, the truck is completely destroyed. The only thing our fighters can do then is survive, reach out to volunteers for help and quickly get a replacement truck.

Pickup truck for the Special Forces

To quickly find, order, and buy a car for our defenders is a priority task of the Ukrainian Women Veterans Movement.

During these last 5 months, we’ve delivered 47 trucks to different army sub-units. Mazda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen pickups are already working towards our Victory!

We’ve bought 28 trucks with the total cost of 85,500 euro, 153,500 dollars, and 1,165,500 hryvnia. Don’t forget that these cars need special care, so fixes, delivery, and maintenance also cost quite a buck – to be specific, 1,694,006 uah.

Our movement delivered 19 more trucks thanks to our donors and volunteers. Among these is the famous armored bus for our medical evacuation team.

More is coming! Join our work to support those who protect our peace and quiet.

Truck for Andrii Khluvnyuk
For intelligence unit of 72 battalion
For a battalion of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces
Van for the Active Rehabilitation Group, specially equipped for people in wheelchairs
Armored van for evacuating wounded soldiers
Van for a UMVW member Yulya Mikitenko
Van for a UMVW member who evacuates civilians