In Memory of the Women Who Died in the Russian-Ukrainian War

We created the project to honor the memory of veterans with the support of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.

These are touching mini-films, in which it is shown the story of a woman in both peaceful military lives. The videos are difficult to watch without tears.

Above all, we want the death of women to be perceived NOT with regret, but with honor and respect for the heroic deed and with appreciation for the protection.

We decided not only remember what our dead sisters were like, but also try to explain to the viewer why and how they made such a choice – to defend people. We wanted to explain it from the point of view of a woman who went to war. They are not victims, but heroes! Heroes, not romanticized from books, but brought up next to us. They had a choice and an opportunity to sit out. We can only feel proud that we are their compatriots. Honor is not a pity for them, but pride. We must remember them in order to value our land even more than before and hate the enemy.

Katerina Noskova

Claudia Sitnik

Olesya Baklanova "Mala"

Yaroslava Nykonenko

Nataliia Khoruzha

Sabina Halytska

Yana Chervona ‘Vidma’

Shevchenko Iryna ‘Viktorivna’