Report of help for March 2023

Evacuation ambulance bus donated to hospital

Sisters in arms. Kateryna Priymak “Zoya”

VETERANKA at the 67th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Endless February

Collaboration of brand SUPPORT by POUSTOVIT for Ukrainian defenders’ support


Understanding Women in the Military: 10 Things a Military Man Will Never Hear

How Women Serve on the Frontline


Volunteer front. Adrianna Matskiv

The head of the Women Veterans Movement, Andriana Arekhta, has been injured.

Valeriya Radchenko

The Volunteer Front. Victoria Rodko

Sisters in arms. Iryna Terehovich “The Unbreakable”

Sisters in arms. Anastasiia Blyshchyk “Press”

The strong for the strong. Veronika Lytvynenko

What do you feminists still lack in the army

Mission accomplished: Ukrainian delegation to the United States

Conversation with Stanislav Bitus

Conversation with Vasylyna Duman

A conversation with Gena Titov

Sisters in arms. Nadiia Haran

A conversation with Dina, project manager at WVM (Women’s Veteran Movement)

Sisters in arms. Natalia Borysovska

About Alona Kharchenko, Request Manager

Sisters in arms. Maya Moskvych

Sisters in arms. Victoria Tkach (Smetana, which from Ukrainian means sour cream)

About Misha Komarov – the one who has been in the headquarters since the early days of the war

Sisters in arms. Yaryna Chornohuz

To everyone who wants to join

Sisters in arms. Andriana Arekhta

“Russians are our enemies. And enemies must be dead,” says volunteer of the Women Veterans Movement, Hanna Demidenko.

New crush at our drone workshop

The blood was running underneath two tourniquets…

The anger of the Russians comes from stupidity. Their lack of compassion is their psychiatric characteristic and pedagogical neglect – Teresa, UWVM volunteer

“We have nothing left. Everything burned down”

My children often asked why neighbors came to us with weapons in hands and started killing, – Olena, UWVM volunteer

I came home and wanted to howl like a dog, with its head up. Howl from pain, – the volunteer of UWVM Olena

I am ethnically 1/4 russian. In the first days when this started to happen in Mariupol, my russian blood boiled out with rage, – Veronica, UWVM volunteer

Serial production of quadcopters with thermal imaging modules based in UWVM: an interview with “drone maker” Maxim Sheremet

Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement Rapid Response Headquarters

“I became useless”: the story of a cat rescued by the volunteers of the “Women’s Veterans Movement”

Women volunteers enlist in Ukrainian army as Russia invasion threat escalates