Memory Alleys

Since the down of time, the Memory Alleys are grown to perpetuate the memory of war heroes. It means that they are alive for us.

On the initiative of the public organization ‘Women’s Veteran Movement’ five Memory Alleys have already been planted in memory of women who died in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The decorative apple trees of Nedzvedsky are a memory of the girls who gave the most precious thing – their lives for freedom and peace in Ukraine. They will bloom as each of the girls bloomed. Such alleys are an important component of the new patriotic history of Ukraine and its new perception. Schoolchildren, students, families can come here at any time to understand and feel the events that are now taking place in the East of Ukraine better. Here you can walk, think about the meaning of life and its true values.

In every city and even in every locality there should be the Memory Alley, so that we remember thanks to whom we live our daily life without war ‘here’, in our peaceful cities. After all, the war in the East of Ukraine is a common grief for all Ukrainian people.

Such Alleys are needed not only for the memory of those who died for the freedom and independence of Ukraine. This project is also an important educational function because our children must understand by what the country has been through now how difficult to get Peace and peaceful sleep.