Congresses of Women’s Veteran Movements

We, Ukrainian women veterans, volunteers, active female service members, form a cohesive part of socially active citizens who are ready to take responsibility for themselves and their country. That is why we established the public organization ‘Women’s Veteran Movement’.

  Over two years of its activity, the Women’s Veteran Movement, with the support of UN Women, has already held the IX Founding Congresses of the Women’s Veteran Movement ‘Meetings of Veterans’, at which both the state of implementation of gender policy in the Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine and the social protection of women veterans were discussed.

  We encourage female veterans, active military personnel and volunteers to participate in the Women’s Veteran Movement. We focus on spreading democratic values in society and want to do everything to ensure that the next generation grows and develops in a peaceful and successful Ukraine.

  We have a lot to do, so we encourage you to join the team. Together we will be able to influence on the formation of a professional Ukrainian army as well as on the image of a female service member as a professional. We want to bring the message to the people that being a female service member or male service member is prestigious. The truth is that together we could work towards the creation of new values and change for the better the internal culture of modern Ukrainians.

Congresses of Women’s Veteran Movements:

27-28-29 липня 2018 року

1 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

листопад 2018 року

2 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

грудень 2018 року

3 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

16-17 березня 2019 року

4 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

м. Львів

6-7 квітня 2019 року

5 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

25-26 травня 2019 року

6 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

м. Дніпро

17-19 серпня 2019 року

7 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

18-19-20 жовтня 2019 року

8 З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху

м. Одеса

17-18 липня 2020 року

9 Онлайн З’їзд Жіночого ветеранського руху “КіберЗлет”