How Women Serve on the Frontline

Women’s Military Uniform

There is still no concept of a women’s military uniform, even though there are already 60,000 women serving in the army and performing combat tasks where functionality is crucial for them.

For some, it may seem like, “Well, what’s the difference? Who cares?” But there is indeed a difference because the uniform you wear should be comfortable. Even the nuances in sizes matter, as the smallest women’s size starts from one, while the smallest men’s size starts from another.

There are several initiatives currently developing a women’s military uniform. Our civic organization, besides developing patterns and providing women with military uniforms, is also advocating for this matter at a higher level with the Ministry of Defense.

The Daily Life of Women in the Army

The daily life of women in the army is similar to that of other soldiers. The difference lies in the fact that women’s needs may vary. For example, the availability of necessary hygiene products. If there are no nearby stores, there is no way to obtain them since there is no provision of hygiene products like tampons.

However, women handle household matters just fine because women who reach the stage of performing combat tasks are usually highly motivated and ready to endure various conditions.

And that’s normal. All military personnel are currently accomplishing extraordinary things under challenging circumstances, be it women or men, and this truly evokes admiration and respect.

Sexism in the Army

We understand that one cannot simply wake up and become non-sexist. There is often a stereotype that women in the army are undesirable.

We need to create a system where any individual can professionally thrive in the military.

We are not saying that all women should be there, but if they have the desire, they should have the opportunity to develop themselves in the field of security and defense on par with men.