Collaboration of brand SUPPORT by POUSTOVIT for Ukrainian defenders’ support

Brand SUPPORT by POUSTOVIT  presented collaboration with public organization Women’s Veteran Movement. The company released a capsule collection, in which 30% of the profit will be transferred to the needs of women at the front.

The idea of ​​cooperation arose after Lilia Pustovit presented warm green hoodies to the entire movement’s volunteer team at the beginning of March. Things became a kind of corporate form: large gatherings, processing of applications and packing of 4,000 boxes for military and civilian aid, production of “Banderiv stripes” during the defense of Kyiv – everything was done wearing a hoodie from the SUPPORT by POUSTOVIT brand.

“It is very important when women support each other, and of course, we could not ignore such a project as the support of military servicewomen, and we really want to make this support significant and noticeable,” Liliya Pustovit comments on the cooperation.

The collaboration is presented in the form of capsule merch in two models: a hoodie and a T-shirt with the inscription: “For the future of Ukraine, for those who defend.” This is the message offered by the defenders of the movement, who serve in the fiercest parts of the front, this is their main motivation in the service.

The line has a unisex version with sizes from XS to XXL. The models are made in two languages: Ukrainian and English. In this way, clothes can be a great gift for foreigners. The red and black flag depicted on the clothes symbolizes the struggle for freedom and the memory of the fallen defenders of Ukraine.

The faces of the collection became the deputy head of the Women’s Veterans Movement, Kateryna Pryimak, and the member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel Kateryna Kornienko.

Kateryna Pryimak is a veteran, in 2015, as a volunteer paramedic, she took part in the fiercest battles near the Donetsk airport, the village of Pisky, the Butivka mine, and was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree.

Kateryna Kornienko – colonel, head of the Civil-Military Cooperation Service of the Headquarters of the Logistics Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He has 22 years of service and has been participating in hostilities since 2015. Her combat experience began in the city of Volnovakha as a staff officer.

“We are grateful to Lilia and the SUPPORT by POUSTOVIT brand for their cooperation, which once again emphasizes the power of female support. While our female veterans and recruits protect us at the front, in the rear, women do everything for comfortable service, take care of defenders thanks to their professional skills. We have a powerful rear,” says Kateryna Pryimak, deputy head of the Women’s Veterans Movement.

Sales started on the brand’s website.

Each purchase from this collection has a special mission – a manifestation of love, care and respect for those who protect and fight for our freedom.

Photography @mykhailo.ko

Makeup & hair @olya_dyadyun_mua