The position of medic is still the top in the number of women in the army. A medic is far from always being on duty at an ambulance in a conditionally safe zone, it is also thousands of combat medics who save lives at ground zero. And there are many girls among them.

In addition to the usual ammunition, body armor and helmet, the medic has a backpack weighing a couple of tens of kg and carries the wounded.

We know from our own experience that this is not only difficult, but has devastating consequences for the musculoskeletal system. That’s why we decided to make life easier for the girls and buy 50 ultra-light bulletproof vests specifically for combat medics!

The weight of 1 bulletproof vest is 2 kg, as opposed to the standard one – 7kg or more 

The goal of the raising money is 3,000,000 UAH

Let this raising be as light as the “Angel armor” plates

You can support our noble goal by following the link in the bank or using the details:


code EDRPOU/TIN 43319371

NGO “Women’s Veteran Movement”