The head of the Women Veterans Movement, Andriana Arekhta, has been injured.

The leader of our Movement and our sister Andriana was wounded on the front and is currently in the hospital. This news has shocked many, as everyone knows her as a sincere and kind person, a loving mother, and a dedicated warrior.

” – Andriana 300, it’s serious, being taken to Kherson.”

This short call the day before yesterday was like a triple dose of adrenaline. After that, hundreds of calls, messages, scary diagnoses, and bleak predictions were changing with moments of crazy joy when the worst was refuted. Dry words of diagnoses that changed several times during these long hours, and behind these words was the fear of expecting the worst, anger, and ultimately the readiness to do the impossible.” – Lyuba Shypovych writes about how she heard the news.

From Oksana Ivantsiv’s post: “She is absolutely beautiful in her ability to totally devote herself to Ukraine, brothers and sisters, friends. Andriana is one of the bravest people I know, no force can stop her, because behind her are those she loves, and for those she loves, Andriana will give everything and never give up. I really want her to have a long and happy life ahead of her in a free and thriving Ukraine.”

“This fearless woman has been on the brink of death more than once, but she is so bright, honest, and worthy of a person that the bullets ‘miss her’, and higher spirits always protect her. And this time, too, a miracle happened, because people die from such things in a matter of seconds. But not our Andriana!!! She will live, she will change this country, and we will all support her.” These are the words of Oleksandra Horchynska.

“Andriana is the head of our Women Veterans Movement, around whom we have united. She inspires and motivates us. She is the only girl I would blindly follow. My favorite girl, an example, pride, and hope. Currently, she is a wounded warrior – a defender. 9 months of continuous struggle, 8th year in the war for Ukraine. I know you will recover, you will overcome everything.” – support from Lyudmyla Demianyk, a member of the movement’s board.

Yaryna Chornohuz: “It’s scary to think what you’re going through in the hospital during operations after such an injury. But I know you are very strong and stubborn. And soon you will return to us and your family. I still remember our conversations during the delegation to the USA. I am proud of you, as are others.”

Andriana remains in touch and writes on one of the social networks: “I am alive and that’s the most important thing. Thank you all very much for what you do these days and in my life in general. I can’t reply to everyone yet, but when I can write on my own (currently only dictating), I will personally thank everyone! I have a very long rehabilitation ahead of me. I’ll be back later.”

Determined, brave, with a sense of humor and a kind heart, Andriana will definitely endure everything and more. We love her, hug her, and wait for her at home. To support Andriana’s treatment and recovery after the injury, you can contribute to Lesya’s Sister bank account:

 4149 4393 1332 8001

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