“I became useless”: the story of a cat rescued by the volunteers of the “Women’s Veterans Movement”

The owners of this beautiful Maine Coon cat declawed him, which is a prohibited surgery, so that he wouldn’t damage the furniture. When they fled Kyiv at the beginning of the war, there was simply no room for him in their car, but it seems like there was no room for him in their hearts either.

Left on the street, the animal becomes disabled after such a horrible manipulation, as it cannot defend itself, cannot hunt for food, and cannot even break a fall. A creature left in such conditions is doomed to die. The owners knew about this. Our volunteers found him scared, hungry, and thirsty, with multiple scratches and wounds caused by explosions.

Now he lives with a military servicewoman and goes by the name Morpheus, which is her callsign. Morpheus is currently undergoing treatment and trying to learn to trust humans again.

Morpheus receives help thanks to all of you who support our organization. 

Join us, together WE are a great force!