Endless February

Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement: for women, by women.

UWVM evolved from an advocacy initiative Invisible Battalion. Female veterans began advocating for the rights of women in the army. In 2018, UWVM was registered as an NGO to continue fighting for equal rights.

Since 2014 when russia first invaded Ukraine, thousands of women served in the Ukrainian Armed Forces — even if it meant fighting in men’s uniforms. Now, there is 60,000 women in the Ukrainian army. Our advocacy campaigns led to state law changes & now, women in the army are finally able to hold combat positions.

Since the full-scale invasion of February 24th, some of us have returned to the army to defend our nation. Others stayed behind to provide necessary assistance to our sisters and brothers in arms. February 25th we opened up a humanitarian and military aid hub in Kyiv. We directly supply the defenders on the frontlines with armor, medical aid, technical equipment, food, etc. We also support civilians — women and families, children, and the disabled — who lost their homes and incomes due to the russian aggression.

We work non-stop. We continue to support women in the army. From helmets and basic hygiene to trucks and drones, we supply our female fighters with whatever they need. We even developed our own uniform for female defenders in the Ukrainian Army, starting from the very scratch. Fighting in men’s uniforms can be detrimental to women soldiers’ health, not even mentioning the comfort and mobility that a women’s uniform will provide.

We also have three medic crews that day-to-day rescue wounded soldiers from the battlefields in the war zones. We have purchased evacuation vehicles for them and stocked it with all the necessary equipment, and we will continue to support them until the Victory day.

Another avenue of our work is veteran rehabilitation. We want to ensure our veterans come back to accessible homes, stable income, quality medical care, and a welcoming community.

From February 24, 2022 to February 24, 2023, VETERANKA
⁃ closed over 2000 applications from military personnel
⁃ collected and directed 56,024,797 million UAH to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine
⁃ closed over 2000 completed applications from brigades and units
⁃ held 12 charity events and executed more than 50 collaborations

Purchased and delivered to the front:
⁃ 55 cars, 274 drones and accessories,
⁃ over 10,000 units of ammunition and equipment
⁃ 789 communication devices
⁃ 1118 self-produced drones and their release systems
⁃ 3542 certified turnstiles, and over
⁃ 10,000 units of medical equipment for paramedics

We conducted more than 25 trips to combat zones and 10 humanitarian missions to the occupied territories.
Fulfilled 1165 requests for assistance to veterans and refugees, made 76 nets and kikimors, sewed 130 face masks, and sewed 60 sets of women’s uniforms.
All of this was accomplished together by our sisters and brothers in arms, shoulder to shoulder on all fronts!

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