To everyone who wants to join

Independence Day. 6 months since we became as one. 6 months since we’ve been fighting tooth and nail for our independence. 6 months of intense work of our volunteer organization.

Reporting on our expenses during this time. These numbers seem astronomical, but it’s just a part of all the work that we’ve completed. Completed thanks to you — the best people out there who support the work of our organization every day, whether it’s with your donations, your humanitarian aid, or help with ammunition and trucks for our defenders.

During these 6 months, we’ve spent 40 288 316 uah (40mil!). Besides these expenses, we’ve also delivered tens of tons of food to civilians and to the frontlines; sent so much ammo, armor and cars to the frontlines thanks to our patrons. We’ve traveled numerous times to the regions of active warfare. If we had a bit more time, we’d report all in detail!

We want to give ourselves some time to re-organize our day-to-day work and to recharge. We are already preparing quite intensely for winter — looking for partner organizations that will support our mission, since standing together now is as important as ever.

We’re sorry for all the direct messages we haven’t answered yet: the number of requests for humanitarian aid is just incredible. We unfortunately cannot reply to everyone as fast as we’d like to. So for now, we’re taking a break for a week, recharging, restarting — and then we’re back in business!

To everyone who wants to join our organization as a volunteer — feel free to fill out this form:

People are our greatest resource.