The blood was running underneath two tourniquets…

The blood was running underneath two tourniquets… The battlefield is not a sterile operating room and almost one thing that could help to save life is a tourniquet applied correctly. There is also tactical safety briefings where soldiers from the different divisions can learn how to apply the tourniquet. This is the thing that usually can save someone’s life. But what should we do, when there is a hand-made tourniquet instead of a good one?

Paramedics of our evacuation crew came after wounded soldier and were almost frustrated when the soldiers leg was tightened by two fake tourniquets. The blood was running out of wound. Not everyone knows that person may die because of massive blood loss just within 5 minutes There can be not enough time to take a soldier to the medical station Fortunately, our medic has a qualitative tourniquet that stopped the bleeding

Women veterans movement would be holding online charitable concert on May 31st. All collected funds will be used for purchase of the tourniquets from licenced suppliers in order to upgrade the first aid kits of our soldiers Everyone is invited to join! Your ticket can help the soldier to survive! They are protecting our lives! We should do the same for them!