“We have nothing left. Everything burned down”

“We have nothing left. Everything burned down.” Elena adressed Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement with this phrase. Elena is from Hostomel. After the shelling on her house, the apartment and her belongings burned to the ground. After miraculously escaping, the woman and her children hid in the basements of destroyed houses for almost two months to avoid the occupiers. And when Hostomel was freed from the russian army, Olena returned to look at her house. The woman stared out with the empty kitchen window at the stove, where she had recently cooked delicious pancakes for the children, at the place where the table used to stand, where she fed her husband dinner. The war in an instant took away her home, memories and future. And she must start from scratch. But how?

This is one of thousands of stories of people who turn to the Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement for help. One of thousands of stories of war that destroyed lives but did not kill the spirit. One of thousands of life stories that must now start their life from the beginning. Olena received help from us thanks to you. To all of you who support our organization. Join us, together WE are a great force that helps to endure and accelerate our victory! You can support us financially here: Pay pal Sozvezdyeseldereya@gmail.com Official bank account of UWVM: Name of organization: «Жіночий Ветеранський Рух» IBAN: UA913052990000026005045004650 UAH UA093052990000026005025013456 EUR UA213052990000026003025019128 USD Monobank card: 4441114413613009