Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement Rapid Response Headquarters

On February 25, our NGO Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement opened a rapid response headquarters. During this time, dozens of volunteers joined it and thousands of people have already received the necessary assistance.

On the day of the establishment of the headquarters, Kateryna Pryimak, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement, started raising money for the staff’s expenses on her own bank account.

During this period, the card privat 1 received – 159500 hryvnias, 148795 hryvnias were spent. The card privat 2 received 492347 hryvnias, and 493241 hryvnias were spent. The monobank card received 49527 hryvnias, and 49487 hryvnias were spent spent.

These funds were spent on building materials for equipment positions, sleeping bags, mats, food, replenishment for the staff team, cigarettes for the military, medicine, purchase of equipment for the military in Germany, logistics abroad, animal feed, chevrons for the military and equipment for our drone workshop, which has recently been operating at our headquarters.

Also from the official account we bought fuel for 144650 UAH and water for the hospital and Territorial Defence for 20,000 UAH. We are in the process of paying the bill for 10 backpacks for doctors and 1000 bandages for tactical first aid kits. We also purchased 100 tactical scissors and 100 IFAK results.

The official accounts receive various amounts, from small to large. Currently, the largest receipt in one payment is 10 thousand euros from a benefactor who remained anonymous. We are thankful to everyone who helps. For 19,300 euros we have already purchased 4 pickup trucks for mobile groups on the front line, which will soon be transferred to new owners, for 11,920 euros we bought 191 gas masks. For 68,000 euros, we bought 93 bulletproof vests, which are already protecting the new owners, and 3 more thermal imagers, which our defenders will soon receive. We also donated a Hummer car to the HUR unit. We paid for another 100 bulletproof vests and 200 helmets, bought 5 sights and bars.

We purchased another 100 turnstiles with the help of the Unchain Fund. And more than 1,000 first-aid kits have already been distributed to units defending Ukraine. We distributed 61 thermal imagers to the soldiers thanks to the Citizens’ Fund, and another 3 thanks to our friends from Poland. 4 drones were distributed thanks to Razom for Ukraine and Maria Berlinska, 4 more drones were purchased and handed over to the soldiers.

Now there is a balance of UAH 15,200 + UAH 9,000 on personal cards, which we transferred to Nina Kharchenko’s organization before purchasing bulletproof vests.

This is not counting the tons of cargo that people from all over the world transfer to our organization. Now we have a headquarters with more than 70 brave people, our crews deliver civilian and military aid.

There are many more requests for help than we have resources, so we try our best to provide our defenders and look for new opportunities every day to get the goods we need.

Currently, our headquarters is in dire need of financial assistance for:

Drones, because we now have a department in the headquarters that deals with their collection, programming and reflashing for our defenders.

Body armor, because there are many more requests for them than we have in stock.

Tactical medicine, because combat medics all over Ukraine are now saving lives.

We remind you that you can turn to our headquarters for help. We assist both the military and civilians, who for some reason are not able to buy what they need. To get help, fill out the application:

Details for providing financial help can be found on the main page of our website.

We want to thank everyone who joined for their help!